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Alabama    Alabama is known as the Heart of Dixie because of the $10 notes that bore the French word "dix" meaning 10 and were issued by the Citizens Bank of Louisiana before the Civil War. This region is blessed with various landscapes and offers a truly diverse taste of the Deep South from the striking natural beauty of the rivers, pine-ringed lakes and wooded canyons in the North to idyllic beautiful sugar white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast in the south. Staying in bed and breakfast Alabama State is good value for money with charming and courteous service. more

Connecticut    One of the most captivating corners of the United States is here, steeped with fascinating history and rich in heritage. Friendly little towns and exciting cities offering cosy bed and breakfast guaranteeing the best in hospitality in Connecticut, the Nutmeg State where you can immerse in a world of rolling hills, crystalline lakes and acres of lush forest that erupts into an explosion of color every autumn, fabulous beaches and incredible casino excitement. more

Florida    Florida, with ample bed and breakfast facilities, offers world-class beaches, boasts a perfect climate and superb dining! A huge selection of activities to savour and experience with excellent family entertainment all rolled into one, Florida is arguably one of the most leading tourist destinations in the USA, a vast playground for all ages! more

Hawaii    Created from millions of years of volcanic activity at the very center of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands seems to have been set adrift on the Ocean waves. Bed and breakfast on each of the Hawaii State Islands have a different charm and character, but all offer the opportunity to discover the beautiful Polynesian culture and landscapes that makes them so special and ensure visitors return year after year. more

Idaho    Known as the ‘Gem State’ and the ‘Gem of the Mountains’ you’ll find quality bed and breakfast Idaho State very welcoming and friendly! Surrounded by not only pristine mountain splendour with dramatic views of the valleys and canyons, but with a wilderness full of rivers and lakes to visit not forgetting the strange lava beds to explore at the Craters of the Moon National Monument. Apart from many scenic routes and beautiful trails throughout the state, this is the perfect vacation for outdoor activities or for just relaxing and enjoying the spectacular views, whether it’s skiing and snowboard skiing in the Sawtooth and Pioneer Mountains, exploring Hells Canyon America's deepest gorge, or experiencing a breath-stopping, fast-moving waterway - dubbed the River of No Return, you’ll agree Idaho is an area of phenomenal natural beauty! Other activities include horse riding, float fishing and walk-n-wade fishing, white water rafting or fly-fishing, wherever or whatever you choose, the adventure is just waiting for you! more

Iowa    Discover beautiful Iowa, a jewel of the Midwestern States. Famous for its warm hospitality, you’ll find interesting towns and cities rich in culture and marvellous bed and breakfast throughout Iowa State, a truly superb destination at any time of the year. more

Kansas    Kansas dubbed the "Sunflower State," derived from the Siouan Kansa or Kaw; meaning "people of the south wind," who lived south of the Great Plains; Explore the legacy of this great western frontier; whether you are taking a family getaway or an adventure, Kansas has so many destinations and attractions. more

Kentucky    Kentucky, known as the “Bluegrass State” is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and most interesting historical sites in the country where you can stay in delightful bed and breakfast; from the large fields of bluegrass and rolling hills in the heartland; to cave country and the famous Mammoth Cave area, one of the natural wonders of the world in the south; to the splendour of the highlands and scenic river valleys of the Green and Nolin rivers of the west; to the massive lakes and flatlands areas that almost defies description. Or spend some time in the metropolitan areas of Frankfort more

Louisiana    Louisiana, mystical, fascinating and romantic, is a state of stunning natural beauty like no other, nicknamed the ‘Pelican State’ it is situated where the Mississippi meets the Gulf of Mexico. The friendly and hospitable owners of Bed and breakfast in Louisiana State are eagerly waiting to spoil you. Punctuated with some super scenery from the exciting cities and beautiful scenic countryside, to the famous Charming Old South with a profusion of attractions, historic plantations, distinctive art and architecture, a rich musical heritage that covers fabulous jazz, toe tapping Cajun and the one and only soul singing gospels, a true melting pot of culture and music. Its vibrant cultural life reflects its famous dish ‘gumbo’ a spicy exciting mixture containing a little bit of everything! Louisiana has rich history with an amazing cultural variety, a legacy from the French and Spanish influences, the Creole inhabitants of New Orleans, the Cajuns of southern Louisiana, European plantation owners, African slaves and settlers of virtually every nationality makes this state unique. Louisiana consists of 9 regions, all of which boast fabulous cuisine, distinct music styles, exotic history, hundreds of year round festivals and tax free shopping. more

Mississippi    Take a historic vacation to the charming Old South with a profusion of glorious destinations and stay in warm and friendly bed and breakfast in Mississippi State nicknamed the "Father of Waters." Travel through historic towns full of period mansions and antebellum plantation houses, dine on some of the finest Southern cuisine anywhere or experience a great musical heritage. Beautiful rural Mississippi full of ‘Piney Woods’, crops, saw mills, small towns not forgetting the infamous vine, kudzu. The land where the Blues was born, year round golf with over 140 fabulous courses, non-stop gaming casinos and the Mighty Mississippi that forms the State’s western boundary and empties out into the Gulf of Mexico where you’ll find an appealing mix of the most beautiful sun-drenched white sandy beaches. more

Missouri    Not without good reason is this beautiful land called "Gateway to the West" named after the Missouri Indians tribe, meaning "town of the large canoes". With a wide range of the comfortable and stylish bed and breakfast available in whatever region you decide Missouri State is the ideal getaway that will continue to amaze and impress you, combined with glorious vistas and excellent sightseeing in a vast, varied and vibrant state providing a spectrum of activities, you have a vacation combination second to none, this is the ultimate experience! With its landscape of lakes and fast flowing rivers, Missouri is steeped in history and natural beauty, leaving the visitor with strong and lasting memories more

Nebraska    For a destination full of enjoyment and discovery, scenic byways and cosy bed and breakfast in Nebraska State is where you can sample some superb recreation ranging from golf to kayaking, fishing and hiking, the delightfully enchanting Outlaw Trails and rich Old West history, all found in Nebraska nicknamed "The Cornhusker State". more

Nevada    Nicked named "Sagebrush State" "Battle Born State" and "Silver State" this amazing remote state is a land of rugged mountains, grassy valleys and vast deserts. The natural setting is as diverse as could be. You will find bed and breakfast in Nevada State most welcoming and excellent base locations for exploring this unique landscape with magnificent lakes, caves, grottoes, mountains, seagoing dinosaur named Icthyosaur, mysterious Area 51 and of course the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas as the neon lights meet the sky like nowhere else on the planet! In 1931, the state created two industries, divorce and gambling. more

Oklahoma    Visit beautiful central Oklahoma, where the southern plains start majestically rolling westward. Where better than to spend a vacation exploring such a wonderful region whilst enjoying the Southern charm's splendour and warm hospitality at cosy and affordable bed and breakfast in Oklahoma Frontier area. Walk the famous trail, "The Legacy of Washington Irving", enjoy a day at Remington Park Oklahoma's Premiere Quarter Horse and thoroughbred racing center, or explore the "Adventure Walk" up a vine-covered mountain and under a magnificent 35-foot cascading waterfall. Perhaps you'd like to see one of the "the last territorial jails" or experience a cowboy shoot out? Visitors are also spoilt with a unique mix of cultural experiences, colorful history, world-class shopping, dining, vibrant nightlife and so much more! more

Rhode Island    The "Ocean State" provides miles of beautiful and scenic coastline with stunning ocean and fresh water beaches, ample swimming and sailing opportunities, all year round outdoor pursuits, a real "treasure island" and some truly great hot spots are complimented by a large selection of good quality bed and breakfast in Rhode Island State. more

Tennessee    Tennessee is a land of many surprises nicknamed 'The Volunteer State', 'Big Bend State' and is one of the most distinctive regions in the USA. The scenery is awe-inspiring with the Great Smokies, lush valleys, spectacular gorges, tranquil lakes and rivers and dense forests makes Tennessee a great destination for outdoor activities. more

Utah    Nature at its most spectacular and diverse, where there are more varieties of landscapes, geology and recreational opportunities than you can ever imagine. This unique state, nicked named the "Beehive State" is well known for its snow-covered mountains, of ever more intriguing natural phenomena of thousands of spires, fins, pinnacles and mazes, known as "hoodoos" to the dramatic landscape of sculptured canyons and soaring cliffs located where the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin and Mojave Desert meet, to the picture-perfect western scenery! more

Washington    Explore hidden coves, marvel at the wonders of island nature with more than 170 beautiful islands dotted off mainland Washington State with breathtaking scenery, are the fabulous Washington Islands known as the San Juan archipelago and drawn by the natural beauty live many artists. About 40 of which are inhabited, comprising of some of the best vacation spots in America, with plenty of wildlife refuges and home to seabirds, seals and sea lions. more

Washington    This is sacred country of sheer natural beauty for nature lovers, cross-country skiers, casual hikers and extreme mountaineers alike. National Parks, quaint towns and where you can enjoy diverse activities. more

West Virginia    Soak up the dramatic scenery of the "Mountain State" as you travel to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia's State's slogan. The origin of the state's name was named after England's Queen Elizabeth I, The "Virgin Queen". more

Wyoming    Known as the ‘Cowboy State’, a land of mountains and valleys and where the Great Plains meets the Rocky Mountains. With perfect panoramic photo opportunities you can also enjoy this geothermal wonderland with its twelve mountain ranges, intermixed with deserts and rolling grassland, crystal cool cascading waterfalls, erupting geysers, steaming volcanic spouts, wildlife and a wilderness from horizon to horizon providing wide-open spaces. more

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