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Alberta    Positioned between the Canadian Prairies and the soaring Rocky Mountains, the oil rich province of Alberta is perhaps the most spectacular part of Canada best known and favoured for its unspoilt scenery as it almost defies description! From the unsurpassed picturesque scenery of snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, thermal springs to the unbelievable Icefields Parkway scenic route and its huge glaciers. more

British Columbia    The stunning province of British Columbia is arguably Canada’s most beautiful, with some of the most impressive views highlighted by the peaks of the Rockies, the lushness of the Okanagan, the scenic Islands and a stunning coastline, not forgetting it’s home to some of the most magnificent landscape in the world. more

Manitoba    Experience the adventures of the pioneers, fur traders and the aboriginal peoples in Canada’s heartland. Enjoy unparalleled views of the landscape and see for yourself a true sense of the diversity and grandeur of Manitoba. more

New Brunswick    The astonishingly beautiful province of New Brunswick, the gateway to Atlantic Canada offers a glimpse into a very different side of Canada, with Gallic traditions and a way of life closer to Ireland than North America. more

Newfoundland    An exciting destination revealing beauty created by nature and time! View vibrant landscapes, the crystal-blue waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence and the brutally beautiful rocky coast, dotted with solitary lighthouses and the beautiful Placentia Bay. more

Northwest Terr.    Breathtakingly beautiful, powerful and immense, the northwest territories of Canada are wild and absolutely pristine, and where nature rules! When travelling though the diversity of this great land, you’ll come across some unforgettable nature experiences and you might even lose track of time, although this loss might actually make you feel good. more

Nova Scotia    Marvel at the beautiful scenery of a diverse landscape surrounded by the sea, with its miles of uncrowded highways and where the coastal shores are dotted with pretty lighthouses. more

Nunavut    The Great White North, known for the land of the midnight sun, where the sun rises and sets at different times of the year, the land of the white silence as the famous writer, Jack London dubbed it. Nunavut offers a true wilderness experience, for dog sleds and mushing to polar bears that roam the ice flow edge stalking their prey, rare musk oxen thundering across the tundra, while whales playing gracefully and narwhals joust in ice-blue waters. more

Ontario    Ontario is Canada's most populated province, the Natives called ‘The Land of Shining Waters’ because of the half-a-million lakes scattered throughout the land and the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Vast wilderness settings of rugged forests, thousands of sparkling lakes and rivers, vibrant sophisticated cities like Ottawa and Toronto rich in culture, heritage and architecture all with their own unique flavour. more

Prince Ed. Island    Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest and greenest Province, traditionally known as the "Maritimes". Explore the pretty fishing villages and enjoy some of North America's most pristine beaches. more

Quebec    Let Québec Province entice you with its diversity and romanticism, a place of unbelievable scenic wilderness and modern cities with old worlds charm! An inspiring and diverse destination ranging from the snow-capped Mont Tremblant to the crystal-blue waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence with the brutally beautiful rocky coast dotted with solitary lighthouses revealing beauty created by nature and time. more

Saskatchewan    Located in the prairie region of Canada, Saskatchewan’s landscape is both beautiful and huge, projecting a majestic, quiet stillness! Half of the land consists of forests and one-eighth is literally covered with 100,000 lakes and streams where thousands of anglers make the pilgrimage to the waters of Saskatchewan every year. more