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The astonishingly beautiful province of New Brunswick, the gateway to Atlantic Canada offers a glimpse into a very different side of Canada, with Gallic traditions and a way of life closer to Ireland than North America.
But wherever you tour you will find it very appealing with its variety of scenic and rugged coastal landscapes making it a traveller's delight! Explore picturesque coastlines, sunbathe, fish, hike the amazing trails and experience the magical ‘Reversing Falls’. You will find charming and elegant bed and breakfast in New Brunswick situated in great locations and with the endless water sports and being surrounded by stunning views you’ll be spoilt for choice! With so much to see and do for all the family, you’ll find there are plenty of activities for the adventurer too, from kayaking to golfing, skiing the hills in winter to relaxing around the bays on the beautiful beaches in summer where you’ll find one of the Marine Wonders of the World and the famous geological feature, the "flowerpot rocks". Even for the romantic, there are the traditional kissing bridges!

Along the shores of the Bay of Fundy, perhaps one of the Marine Wonders of the World and arguably on par with the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, is where you’ll find the picturesque and cultural city of Saint John surrounded by beautiful sandstone cliffs and glorious ocean sandy beaches. Explore the charming shores, admire the superb natural maritime scenery and traditions in this sparsely populated region of Canada. Visit Fundy National Park, a wildlife sanctuary and a hiker's paradise with miles upon miles of scenic coastal trails, hike the wonderful beaten paths and breathe the invigorating pure, pine-scented mountain air. You can play golf at one of the many golf courses, go horse riding or sailing tours are available as is the popular whale, seals, porpoises and shark watching in the bay. Don’t miss the powerful and striking tide that creates the unique ‘Reversing Falls’, these amazing rapids considered the highest in the world, which flow backwards twice a day at high tide and literally makes the St John’s River run in reverse …upstream! Get a close up view of the natural wonder from a jet boat or you can feel a bit safer from the phenomenon in the Observation Deck. The nearby town of West Quaco provides excellent beaches for fun, sand and sea and for the little ones there are plenty of attractions and activities in the recreational parks.

Within the region there are lots of fun-filled family adventures including Magic Mountain Water Theme Park, Crystal Palace Amusement Park and the Mystical Magnetic Hill. For unlimited adventure visit the world-renowned seaside resort town of St. Andrews with its many spectacular walking, hiking and biking trails. Downtown you’ll find plenty of fine shops, restaurants, galleries as well as glorious views. Throughout the New Brunswick region you’ll find about 64 romantic kissing bridges, imagine the sounds of the bygone era of wagon wheels thundering chantilly along as the buggy crosses the wooden planks of the picturesque bridges as they did in the turn of the century, and as the galloping horses were slowed down, the lovers stole a kiss - the longer the bridge - the longer the kiss!

Venture east to Hillsborough, nearby you can see the amazing natural stack formations of the phenomenal Hopewell Rocks at the Cape in Hopewell Hill, one of New Brunswick's most famous geological features called the "flowerpot rocks". See how the waters have literally carved the cliffs into gigantic flowerpots. With a staggering 200 billion tonnes of water that enter and leave the bay, it’s no wonder visitors from all over the world flock to see the extraordinary site. The powerful tides carries the water out and that’s when you can walk on the beach and explore the magnificent formations and the many amazing caves cut into the cliff walls. It’s an awe-inspiring spectacle and if you prefer, you can opt for a shuttle down to the cliff edge before descending the steps further directly to the ocean floor. Enjoy the exciting scenery whilst staying in bed and breakfast in New Brunswick all offering fantastic amenities and excellent hospitality.

Experience the natural coastal beauty of the Acadian Shore area where a whole lot of adventure is just waiting to be had by all. Stay in the pretty towns of Shediac, Petit-Rocher, Saint-Charles, Sainte-Anne-de-Kent and Sainte-Louise. There are endless opportunities to entertain you with hidden treasures all along the Acadian Coastal Drive. Discover Kouchibouguac National Park, an unforgettable paradise for nature lovers, swimmers, and hikers alike. Immerse yourself into canoeing, sailing or simply walking the trails, down to the pristine beaches and tumbling waterfalls through the forests, marshlands to cliffsides with breathtaking scenery. Stroll through the extraordinary forest at night and listen to the fascinating world of owls. You’ll find a series of boardwalks above the sand dunes and grasses in which the endangered piping plover nests. Discover the spectacular sandy beaches and taste the succulent seafood and traditional Acadian food or even enjoy baking bread the old-fashioned way in outdoor ovens!

The River Valley area is perhaps Canada's most picturesque river experience! The Hartland Covered Bridge, which straddles the St. John River at Hartland, is the longest in the world at 1,282 feet. Take the mile-long rock-sided gorge as it tumbles down and slips under the bridge into the dramatic Grand Falls Gorge where it then drifts majestically past meadows and turn-of-the-century towns before travelling through the historic city of Fredericton to engage in a battle of tidal forces at the Bay of Fundy. Explore the capital Fredericton with its wonderful 19th century charm. Enjoy the dozens of galleries and art museums especially the treasured Beaverbrook Art Gallery displaying a stunning collection of British, European and Canadian art, including one of Salvador Dali's most famous masterpieces. Look out for the spectacular biking and walking trails that are awash with bright summer flowers, the clean fresh air of the glorious woodlands, mountains and hills. Revel in the autumn celebration when the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival hits town, or watch the splendour and fun of the sound of the bagpipes, the swirl of the kilt and the beauty of the dance at the New Brunswick Highland Games and Scottish Festival.

If a hot air balloon ride over the Kings County appeals to you then travel to the Sussex area or admire the spectacle of over 30 hot air balloons taking flight over the skies during the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta. Renowned as the Covered Bridge Capital of Atlantic Canada, Kings County is where you can enjoy more lazy and relaxing horse-drawn trips through the ‘tunnels of love’. The lovers of history should visit the Kings Landing Historical Settlement, just west of Fredericton, this living museum has over 70 historic buildings from the 19th century era and experience how the ordinary people lived and worked, see the many artifacts, furniture and the actors who re-creates the history dressed in traditional hoped skirts, acting out the country life, join in the singing and dancing a the townsfolk did one hundred year ago. This exciting and delightful region provides stylish and cosy bed and breakfast in New Brunswick Canada for the visitor to enjoy a wealth of experience in any season in superb locations!

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