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The Great White North, known for the land of the midnight sun, where the sun rises and sets at different times of the year, the land of the white silence as the famous writer, Jack London dubbed it. Nunavut offers a true wilderness experience, for dog sleds and mushing to polar bears that roam the ice flow edge stalking their prey, rare musk oxen thundering across the tundra, while whales playing gracefully and narwhals joust in ice-blue waters.
Watch the Atlantic walruses sunbathing on the rocky Arctic shoreline, spend some time bird watching and discovering the wonderful flora in one of the parks, with the long summer daylight you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the multitude of nature hikes and tours. For the more adventurous check out the wild rivers and icy seas as you manoeuvre your kayak beneath towering icebergs, or just simply learn how to build an igloo. This new and beautiful territory is one of the last great wildernesses in the world, full of bird colonies, free-ranging wildlife and the unforgettable awesome beauty of the Arctic tundra. The excellent bed and breakfast in Nunavut Canada are cosy, warm and friendly, providing the perfect location for a memorable vacation with many unique wonders!

Iqaluit, the capital is famous for its Inuit-inspired architecture, crafts and museums and a visit to Auyuittuq National Park will leave you breathless boasting some of the finest scenery in North America. You can go on wildlife viewing and photography tours and admire the natural beauty that truly reflects the simple purity of this spectacular arctic landscape, view thundering waterfalls, hike through the historic parks. Perhaps you’ll like the fun of sea-kayaking amidst the icebergs in Baffin Island’s fiords where you can photograph beluga whales, there are excellent ways to explore the arctic seas especially when you can get right up close to all the sea mammals, seals, perhaps a whale even, or a raft of ducks feasting on shrimp and krill.

The artic Victoria Island in the Western region is a dramatic isolated coastline of unspoilt beauty, providing endless photo opportunities. See for yourself the immense icecaps and winding glaciers and where you can admire the teeming wildlife such as whales, walruses, seals and polar bears, not forgetting that the fishing is absolutely brilliant! For history buffs, there are many walking trails where visitors can journey back in time to catch a glimpse of Nunavut's past. Try the Cambridge Bay Trail on Victoria Island, which passes by the old town site and the wreck of Roald Amundsen's ship "The Maud". Or explore Nunavut's oldest community, historic Chesterfield Inlet area.

Some of the marshy rivers near the Hudson Bay area flow slower and it is here that you can experience some breathtaking settings and glorious views of some of the greatest wildlife spectacles imaginable. As you paddle around you may see a herd of caribou crossing the river, and as you go further along the way, flocks of nesting snow geese can be seen along its banks. Other rivers, like the Coppermine River, perhaps the most popular for canoeing and rafting, flows from Lac de Gras through pristine lakes, but the most extensive is the remote Hood River, ideally suited for whitewater rafting. It begins near Napaktulik Lake and flows over Wilberforce Falls and down to the Arctic Sound and takes you to the highest waterfalls north of the Arctic Circle. As you wind your way down the mighty water you pass rolling tundra and high rocky ridges where muskoxon, wolves, caribou and grizzlies are common. After an exciting time viewing wildlife, ice fishing, rock climbing, rafting and hiking, why not try your hand at building your own igloo and even sleep in it for the night? Or if you prefer you can stay in one of the cosy and warm bed and breakfast in Nunavut Canada.

Marvel at the massive floating icebergs carved from the fingers of glaciers, you’ll be sure to see thousands that are afloat at any given time. During the winter months the ocean freezes and brings freedom to travel the coast, rivers and lakes, and as spring arrives, it’s time for some snow season fun, take a snowmobile to the flow edge where the sea ice meets open water, an area swarming with arctic wildlife such as whales, seals and seabirds feeding off the rich spring arctic waters. Take a thrilling ride across the sea ice on a dogteam trip, or skis to your heart content across the scenic Arctic tundra. Go cross-country skiing in the parks where caribou browse and where the arctic hares venture across the tracks. The warm sun and long days provide memorable trips right into the pristine wilderness. Then after a long day, relax and listen to some drumming, singing emanating from the ancient throat songs and when the band warms up you can join in the serious disco and line dancing as you twist your body clad in traditional caribou skin clothing, it's definitely time for jigs and reels. You’ll be amazed by the happy and the friendliness of the people and the fun the whole experience can bring.

Learn about the traditional culture of the Nunavut's indigenous people who call themselves Inuit, which means "the people" in the Inuktitut dialect. Meet the charming people who invented the snow house and be amazed at the magnificent remains of a Thule villages the amazing tent rings of large stones, semi-subterranean houses and whale bone-based structures which are still found throughout Nunavut today.

During the summer months there are river-boat trips among the icebergs and hiking trips through the tundra and alpine mountains providing magnificent views, all presenting incredible photographic opportunities for the keen traveller. The vast barren-lands promise an unforgettable adventure, from the High Arctic oasis of Ellesmere Island to the towering face of Mt. Thor. Nunavut offers a wealth of outdoor activities of ice, mountain and rock climbing, with a number of challenging hikes that rival anything you can find anywhere else in the world. You can also browse the museums and craft shops, admire the very interesting exhibits of carved exquisite stone, bone, antler and ivory shaman amulets made hundreds of years ago, and today they are sought after by collectors worldwide who now seek their beautifully distinctive and delicately intricate work. Nunavut promises an unforgettable experience for the visitor and you’ll find the bed and breakfast in Nunavut Canada not only hospitable but also warm and friendly and truly the ideal base to meet remarkable people and to enjoy an awesome land!

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