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Located in the prairie region of Canada, Saskatchewan’s landscape is both beautiful and huge, projecting a majestic, quiet stillness! Half of the land consists of forests and one-eighth is literally covered with 100,000 lakes and streams where thousands of anglers make the pilgrimage to the waters of Saskatchewan every year.
The name Saskatchewan comes from the Cree word "kisiskatchewanisipi," which means "swift-flowing river," with four major rivers: the Assiniboine, the North Saskatchewan, the South Saskatchewan and the Churchill make it a fisherman’s paradise. The only province where the population is of German, Ukrainian, Scandinavian, Amerindian, Dutch, Polish and Russian as well as British, French and many other non-European origins, the mix giving an interesting rich cultural, outstanding heritage and authentic experiences. Explore its 6,000 years of history, enjoy the theatres and cultural festivals, world-class music, cross-country skiing, hiking and skiing trails, award-winning cuisine, entertainment and excellent bed and breakfast in Saskatchewan Canada for an exciting and refreshing vacation.

Drive through the beautiful prairie zone of the southeast part of the province and discover a nature lovers' paradise, here you’ll find quaint towns and villages scattered among the pretty wheat, canola, rye and barley fields, this wonderful flat landscape has occasional valleys created by erosion from the glacial era. Visit the historic city of Regina, named in recognition of Queen Victoria (Victoria Regina), marvel at its art galleries,
theatres, and the impressive Royal Saskatchewan Museum exhibiting the fossil remains of Scotty, the Tyrannosaurus rex. Regina has a wealth of parks and green spaces and the capital is also the site of Wascana Centre, one of the world's largest urban parks and Regina Exhibition Park is the site of such events as Buffalo Days and Agribition. Stroll the interesting downtown area consisting of shopping malls, restaurants and enjoy the cultural activities and sporting events it has to offer.

Visit the southwest region and the pretty town of Moose Jaw nestled along the Moose Jaw River, this beautiful lush green valley is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, you’ll find everything from marsh land to cactus growth, as well as many exciting recreation opportunities like fishing, hiking, biking and for heritage and culture why not visit The Heritage Museum and the Western Development Museum or admire the historical murals or the large roadside Attraction of Mac the Moose and Sukanen Ship. Crescent Park and Wakamow Valley offer many other outdoor pursuits. Moose Jaw is also the home base of the Canadian Snowbirds, an elite division of the Canadian Armed Forces who perform aerobatics at air shows across Canada and around the globe.

For some panoramic views of the valley, why not travel further south towards Wood Mountain and the Big Muddy Badlands, there you can truly experience the serenity of the place, rumour has it that people see a Madonna in the rocks overlooking the cemetery, nearby you can learn the where the legendary Lakota (Sioux) medicine man Sitting Bull took up residence after defeating Custer and the Seventh Cavalry at the 1876 Battle of the Little Big Horn. The hilly region offers dramatic scenery including fascinating rugged buttes, cliffs and hogbacks. Travel west, set in a picturesque area covered with large spruce, pine and conifer trees among the barley and wheat fields, you’ll find the prairie town of Eastend renowned as being the hunting capital of the southwest. Antelope, mule deer and whitetail can all be found here, geese, pheasant and other upland game are also part of the region's annual hunt. Enjoy the excellent watered fairway golf courses or sample the beautiful streams for good flyfishing, the nearby reservoir provides an excellent habitat for ducks, geese and fish.

The hub of the province is Saskatoon a beautiful place divided in two by the mighty Saskatchewan River, the ‘City of Bridges’, as it is dubbed is also home to the exciting sport of NHRA Championship Drag Racing events as well as 'Street Legal' events perfect for novice racers where they enjoy the thrills and spills of STOCKCAR racing. Enjoy a spectacular view of the prairie sunrises and sunsets, visit Wanuskewin Heritage Park that showcase six thousand years of northern plains Indian history. Spacious green lawns, flower gardens, sportfields, heritage landmarks and the Saskatoon Zoo make the Forestry Farm Park a favourite site for people of all ages with over 350 animals making it a treasure for wildlife enthusiasts, while the Forestry Farm Park offers the opportunity to play or relax in natural splendour. Don’t miss the beautiful St. John's Anglican Cathedral, it has the highest church spire in western Canada and is the second-most photographed building in Saskatoon. An excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture, the Cathedral is ranked among the top ten most beautiful churches in western Canada. The anglers will find the varieties of fish in the river like Walleye, Sauger, Northern Pike, Perch, Gold eye and Sturgeon. Don’t forget to spend some time at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and the many major exhibitions at public galleries while in Saskatoon and stay in the delightful bed and breakfast in Saskatchewan Canada for a relaxing and enthralling vacation.

See picturesque settings, sunsets and breath the glorious clean fresh air, Hague or Battleford in the west central region where the nomadic Blackfoot roamed. Enjoy the wonderful lake country where you’ll find within Battleford Provincial Park something for everyone, from family picnics to para-sailing and great golfing opportunities, and the beach lover will find some stunning scenic beaches. Go back in time to the early 1900s, visit a vintage vehicle gallery with exhibits that depict the lives of early settlers and pioneers, including their recreational activities and the lives and contributions of women at that time. You’ll find a living historical farm, featuring a pioneer village that tells the story of a farming community. This outdoor display is also home to living farm animals and actual farming equipment. Their 1920s replica town covers about 30 acres and features about 40 buildings. A few miles from Battleford is the finest downhill skiing facility on Table Mountain, here you can enjoy cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowmobile in the open fields and into the hills, or on groomed trails nearby.

Summer sunsets, great fishing, inexpensive, unrushed golf courses and great vacation opportunities can be enjoyed in east central region also providing the ultimate fishing experience and a host of other outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, swimming and horseback riding, are also available in the quaint town of Yorkton. See the Western Development Museum and the Yorkton Sport Hall of Fame Museum, or perhaps you’ll like to see what lady luck brings at the Painted Hand Casino or indulge in some shopping therapy at the huge Parkland Mall.

You’ll find a truly pristine wilderness environment in the north, with the opportunity to fish in some of the most beautiful and perhaps untouched lakes in the province considered as one of the top fly-fishing destination of Saskatchewan. The north rests on a formation of Precambrian rock geological characteristics of the Canadian Shield, as a result, there are over 100 000 lakes, rivers, bogs and rocky outcroppings to enjoy. If you wish to fish then phenomenal fishing can be found in St. Walburg, with its many great lakes in the region, you'll certainly enjoy fishing at its best with walleye, northern pike, trout, gold eye, sturgeon and perch are all found in the surrounding area. It has been said that the fishing is so great you have to hide behind a tree to bate your hook! Anglers come in droves for the world-class fishing, but it's the peaceful beauty and the spectacular scenery of the uncrowded lakes of the remote northern wilderness that truly catches hold of their spirit.

If superb fishing and the great outdoors is your thing, then visit Choiceland where you’ll find the 30 metres high Athabasca Sand Dunes that almost defy belief. The amazing Athabasca Sand Dunes have been recognized as being a significant natural area for as long as they have been known, approaching them from any direction by air, one first has to cross a huge expanse of Boreal Shield ecosystems that feature rock, jack pine and spruce forests, muskeg, rivers and lakes and then suddenly, on the south shore of Saskatchewan's largest lake, Athabasca, lies a massive "desert". Nowhere else in the world are dunes found this far north, the Athabasca Provincial Park features pebble covered surfaces to.

Tobin Lake, located just northeast of Choiceland, is an extremely popular lake with ample northern pike and walleye to keep any angler happy. The waters have earned a reputation for producing some of the biggest walleye in the world and this reputation is well deserved. Choiceland is close to several provincial parks and has a close link to the famous Hanson Lake Road. Choiceland is not only noted for its curling enthusiasm but also for the ability of its curlers. The town also boasts a skating rink that serves as the hub of the many winter activities. The Wapiti Valley Ski Area is located a short distance south of Choiceland and serves as an excellent downhill ski facility. Cross-country skiing is also very popular for beginners, intermediates, young and older skiers alike. Whatever your choice of vacation, be it spring, summer, fall or winter, you’ll be amazed at the cosy and excellent value for money the bed and breakfast in Saskatchewan Canada has to offer.

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