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Sainte-Louise  (1) * (i)

Shediac  (1) * (i)

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Alma  (1) *

Bloomfield Kings Co  (1) *

Hillsborough  (1) * (i)

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St Andrews  (2) * (i)

West Quaco  (1) * (i)

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Miramichi  (3) *

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Edmundston  (1) *

Florenceville  (1) *

Fredericton  (1) * (i)

Prince William  (1) *

Sussex  (2) * (i)

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Acadian Shore    Experience the natural coastal beauty of the Acadian Shore area where a whole lot of adventure is just waiting to be had by all. more

Fundy Shore    The shores of the Bay of Fundy are perhaps one of the Marine Wonders of the World and arguably on par with the Great Barrier Reef of Australia more

River Valley    The River Valley area is perhaps Canada's most picturesque river experience! The Hartland Covered Bridge, which straddles the St. John River at Hartland, is the longest in the world at 1,282 feet. more